15 big data and analytics companies to watch

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Next-generation data warehouse platform designed to support “low-touch” users who need access to all sorts of data for analyzing via tools like Excel and Tableau. CEO and Co-Founder Yaniv Leven blogged in December that the company’s goal is to “Connect any data source to any insight tool with a click of a button.” The company’s technology is built atop Amazon Redshift, Elasticsearch and Hadoop. Moran Halevi, head of marketing, notes the company’s open source emphasis: “We do not consider data sources and visualization to be a core part of our technology. As such we develop tons of connectors for both ends and will allow, from March, developers to source their own connectors.” The team behind Panoply seems to know how to have fun: Its co-founders specialized in data management and analytics at mobile gaming companies previously, and Panoply really plays up its geekiness on its website and social media channels

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