Panoply makes it easy to integrate with Zoho CRM.

Integrate Zoho CRM with a Data Warehouse in Minutes

Panoply makes it easy to integrate all of your Zoho CRM data instantly into a scalable data warehouse in the cloud. Data is stored without maintaining an ETL process and immediately made available for your data analysts. Zoho’s suite of products, which include tools for:

  • Monitoring Sales
  • Lead Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Customer Survey Data Collection
  • Business Management

Each of these provides a wealth of data that can be stored with ease into your Panoply Smart Data Warehouse. Your analysts can access your Zoho data – and combine it with any other data sources – to provide you with reports, feedback, and monitoring from campaign to financials.

With Panoply, creating a working data warehousing and management process without a complicated infrastructure has never been easier, so that your team can focus on generating the results that will help your business succeed.

How Panoply Works with Zoho CRM

Panoply automates the collection, modeling, and scaling of any data
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