Panoply makes it easy to integrate with Zendrive.

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Panoply makes it easier for companies to store and manage Zendrive data in your own private cloud based data warehouse. Zendrive is a data collection and analytics company that compiles and analyzes fleet driving behavior for each individual driver within your team. Panoply comes with Zendrive integration, taking you from data extraction to analytics, all without a complex data infrastructure.

With Panoply, the time from storing data to assessing your drivers for risk is reduced dramatically. No ETL or ELT process is necessary to add your data successfully into your Panoply Smart Data Warehouse, where your analysts can combine your Zendrive analytics with any other data source you’ve compiled. Analysis can take place within the Panoply app, which has functionality for report generation, queries, custom dashboards, and more. Explore your Zendrive data better with Panoply’s end to end data management platform.

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Panoply automates the collection, modeling, and scaling of any data
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