Panoply makes it easy to integrate with Yahoo Gemini Ads.

Panoply is a preferred partner of Yahoo Gemini

Panoply is a Yahoo Gemini Preferred Partner, helping marketers to achieve improved results through their advertising campaigns. Yahoo Gemini is a part of Oath’s marketplace for search and native advertising.

Through Panoply, Yahoo Gemini customers can optimize their campaign data via Panoply’s smart cloud data warehouse. That warehouse uses a “smart” machine learning and natural language processing for data storage without the need for a complex data infrastructure or data engineering team.

Panoply is an end-to-end data management solution. Once your Yahoo Gemini data has been imported into the warehouse, it can immediately be accessed and analyzed along with any other data sources you have stored. Your marketing team can create reports and custom dashboards within Panoply, and start using the data right away to find potential opportunities, improve your ROI, and extensively examine your entire ad campaigns.

How Panoply Works with Yahoo Gemini Ads

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