Panoply makes it easy to integrate with Supersonic.

Integrate Supersonic with a Data Warehouse in Minutes

With a few simple steps, Panoply makes it possible to integrate Supersonic data right into your own Smart Data Warehouse in minutes. Supersonic is a mobile advertising and monetization service that publishers use to increase revenue from mobile apps, as well as market their own.

Panoply uses the first ever “smart” data warehouse to store your Supersonic data in the cloud without an ETL or ELT process. Once it is integrated, your supersonic data is available to all of your analysts and scientists to query, extract, report, and otherwise explore the data along with any and all other data sources.

With Panoply’s end to end data management platform, it is easier to identify the best users for your marketing efforts, improve your app’s monetization strategies, and more, all with minimal in-house data infrastructure requirements.

How Panoply Works with Supersonic

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