Data Integrations

Connect files, databases, and APIs – without code. Then add a BI tool and start analyzing.


Panoply is an all-in-one data management platform built for aggregating all your social media data that automates data integration, optimizes query performance, and requires no ongoing maintenance. In just minutes, you can set up a cloud data warehouse for social media advertising and engagement metrics that you can add to over 100 other data sources - without the help of your IT team or the need for an ETL tool.

With Panoply, for example, you can collect your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn data or any other data sources from your social media properties and combine them with any eCommerce, sales, marketing, or product analytics data to measure sales revenue, advertising attribution, ROI or ROAS for your marketing campaigns, and other mission-critical advertising and marketing analytics. You can even seamlessly connect all your data in Panoply to any BI visualization tool to gain lightning-fast insights and run your reporting dashboards 10x faster.