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With over 80 data source connections, you can gather all your business data in one place in minutes. You’ll never have to worry about silos separating your CRM, database, advertising, analytics, or other business data.

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Seamlessly scale from gigabytes to terabytes without worrying about performance or maintenance. Panoply combines a data-warehouse-as-a-service with integrated ETL pipelines in a simple management console that requires no engineering experience.

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With Panoply, your data has the power to transform your business. Panoply prepares your data into easy-to-analyze tables and connects to all popular BI tools and analytical notebooks. From the executives to the analysts, everyone will have the most up-to-date data and the insights they need to drive your business forward.

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Integrate with in minutes’s solution allows you to easily integrate endless data sources to Panoply’s smart data warehouse with just a few clicks. Easily connect data from’s tool to leverage Panoply’s data management platform for lightning fast analytics and actionable data insights. Choose how often to pull data from your source into Panoply so you’re always up to date and in control.  

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Integrate with Marketo in minutes

Quickly integrate Marketo data into your very own Panoply cloud data warehouse without any ETL, ELT, or complicated infrastructure in place. Marketo, a marketing automation platform, collects and stores marketing data and provides tools that manage engagement. Panoply imports Marketo data automatically into your warehouse, where it can be instantly and seamlessly combined with any other stored data. Create reports, monitor custom dashboards, and more instantly from the cloud.

Using Panoply, your company will be faster and more efficient at optimizing your marketing performance and improving your campaigns’ ROI. Panoply’s end to end data management platform replaces the need for a team of data engineers and architects and reduces your time to analysis substantially.

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Marketo is a Partner Data Source. Please see our Documentation to learn more about partner data sources.

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