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Here’s a sample of the raw Magento data that Panoply will replicate to your warehouse:
Catalog Product Entity
Describes specific categories and can be combined with the `catalog_category_entity_varchar` table and `catalog_category_product` mapping table to get category info for each product.
Catalog Category Product
A combination of product and category info. Products can be listed multiple times with different categories and vice versa. This table indexes the `catalog_category_entity` table (which has category details) and the `catalog_product_entity` table (which has product details).
Catalog Product Entity
Information about specific products, including the SKU and when they were added in Magento.
Customer Entity
Information about users that are registered on your website. Includes basic customer-level details like email address and registration date.
Information about carts created during checking, including whether or not the cart was converted to an order. Note: Due to the potential size of this table, Magento recommends periodically deleting records if certain criteria are met, such as unconverted carts more than 60 days old.
Quote Item
Data about items added to a cart, whether or not they were actually purchased. Note: Due to the potential size of this table, Magento recommends periodically deleting records if certain criteria are met, such as items in unconverted carts more than 60 days old.
Sales Order
Data about orders placed on your site, including order date, the customer who placed the order, the order total, and any discount or coupon codes used.
Sales Order Address
Shipping and billing information associated with specific orders.
Sales Order Item
Information about specific items from specific orders, such as details about the order, the product, and the quantity purchased.

Modernizing Magento ETL

What is ETL?

Integrating data for analytics can be especially hard in a fast-shifting, rapid growth startup environment, where relevant business data might be spread out across a collection of apps and spreadsheets. ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools will help you collect your data from APIs and file transfers (the Extract step), convert them into standardized analytics-ready tables (the Transform step) and put them all into a single data repository (the Load step) to centralize your analytics efforts.

The shift to ELT

The traditional ETL model is a relic of the pre-cloud era, when compute resources were expensive, and everything needed to be cleaned up before analysis. These days, moving the transformation step closer to the time of analysis is not only feasible, it’s desirable. ELT lets you load raw data, increasing your analytical flexibility and moving relevant data more quickly from your engineering team to your analytics and BI teams.

All in one Magento data pipeline

Panoply’s 80+ data connectors and built-in automated cloud data warehouse will let you go from a collection of siloed datasets to sophisticated analyses that integrate your Magento data in a matter of minutes. Panoply is the only tool that combines an ETL process with a data warehouse, giving you total control over your data from sync to storage. We’ll handle all the infrastructure so you can skip the engineering work and go straight to analysis with your favorite BI tool.

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