Panoply makes it easy to integrate with iTunes Connect.

Move iTunes Connect Data into a Data Warehouse in Minutes

Panoply makes it easy to store and explore iTunes Connect data. The iTunes Connect integration quickly moves all of your Connect data into Panoply’s own Smart Data Warehouse, where it is imported to the cloud automatically without needing to manage an ETL or ELT process.

iTunes Connect lets developers manage their media content that is sold and viewed on iTunes, and provides developers with data on downloads and purchases. With Panoply, that data can be instantly combined with other data sources, and your analysts and marketers can create reports and dashboards that make it possible to learn more about your iTunes audience.

Panoply’s end-to-end “smart” data management platform makes it easier than ever for SMBs to store data, identify opportunities, and optimize their apps and media, all in one central location.

How Panoply Works with iTunes Connect

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