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Panoply turns raw data into actionable analysis in minimal time, integrating seamlessly with Facebook App Events data. Facebook allows businesses and developers to add app events into their products in order to gather data on:

  • Target Audience
  • Advertising Optimization
  • Performance, and More

Panoply loads that data into your own Smart Data Warehouse in minutes, and stores it without requiring any ETL or ELT process. Once saved, your Facebook apps events data and information can be combined with any other data sources and accessed from the cloud at any time by your analysts and strategists. Generate reports and find improvements to your user management, targeting, audience, and more all through the Panoply platform.

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Facebook App Events is a Partner Data Source. Please see our Documentation to learn more about partner data sources.
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Panoply is a cloud data warehouse that can be effortlessly set up to gather all your data in one place and seamlessly connected to any BI tool for lightning fast analytics.

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Whether it's Salesforce, Facebook Ads, PostgreSQL or any other data source or file, simply select your data sources and start uploading them into Panoply with just a few clicks. We have over 150 native data source integrations ready to go.

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Automate your data management

Loved by founders, analysts, and engineers, Panoply automatically models the data as its uploaded so you can immediately start querying multiple tables together. It also automatically scales storage and compute resources, and optimizes queries so you can spend time on insights, not maintenance.

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Connect to any business intelligence tool

Panoply provides a single source of data truth that seamlessly connects to any analytics or visualization tool in just one click. As new data becomes available, Panoply will instantly add them to your data warehouse, so your data is always fresh.

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