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Facebook Adsets Ad Creatives

Focused version of the adsets ad creatives data

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-- CREATE VIEW fb_ads_adsets_adcreatives AS
SELECT AS "adsets_adcreatives_id"
	, aac.facebook_ads_adsets_id AS "adset_id"
	, aac.account_id
	, CASE WHEN aac.title IS NULL THEN afs_t.TEXT ELSE aac.title END AS "title"
	, CASE WHEN aac."body" IS NULL THEN afs_b.TEXT ELSE aac.body END AS "text_body"
	, afs_d."text" AS "description"
	, aac.STATUS
	, aac.object_type
	, CASE WHEN aac.call_to_action_type IS NULL THEN afs_cta."value" ELSE aac.call_to_action_type END AS "call_to_action_type"
	, aac.authorization_category
	, aac.effective_authorization_category
	, afs.optimization_type
	, afs_af."value" AS "ad_format"
	, afs_lu.website_url AS "website_url"
	, aac.instagram_permalink_url
	, aac.thumbnail_url
	, aac.image_url
	, aac.image_hash
	, aac.url_tags
FROM facebook_ads_adsets_adcreatives aac
LEFT JOIN facebook_ads_adsets_adcreatives_asset_feed_spec afs ON = afs.facebook_ads_adsets_adcreatives_id
LEFT JOIN facebook_ads_adsets_adcreatives_asset_feed_spec_ad_formats afs_af ON = afs_af.facebook_ads_adsets_adcreatives_asset_feed_spec_id
LEFT JOIN facebook_ads_adsets_adcreatives_asset_feed_spec_titles afs_t ON = afs_t.facebook_ads_adsets_adcreatives_asset_feed_spec_id
LEFT JOIN facebook_ads_adsets_adcreatives_asset_feed_spec_bodies afs_b ON = afs_b.facebook_ads_adsets_adcreatives_asset_feed_spec_id
LEFT JOIN facebook_ads_adsets_adcreatives_asset_feed_spec_descriptions afs_d ON = afs_d.facebook_ads_adsets_adcreatives_asset_feed_spec_id AND afs_d."text" IS NOT NULL
LEFT JOIN facebook_ads_adsets_adcreatives_asset_feed_spec_call_to_action_types afs_cta ON = afs_cta.facebook_ads_adsets_adcreatives_asset_feed_spec_id
	SELECT DISTINCT facebook_ads_adsets_adcreatives_asset_feed_spec_id
		, website_url
	FROM facebook_ads_adsets_adcreatives_asset_feed_spec_link_urls
) afs_lu ON = afs_lu.facebook_ads_adsets_adcreatives_asset_feed_spec_id;



This is the “ready for analysis” view of Facebook Ads’ adsets ad creatives information


Properties can be removed or added.