Panoply makes it easy to integrate with Apache Cassandra.

From Cassandra to a World Class Data Warehouse in Minutes

Apache Cassandra is a popular and widely used free and open source NoSQL database. Panoply makes it simple to integrate Cassandra – and its stored data – with the rest of your Panoply Smart Data Warehouse, and to do so without the need to support the ETL process.

Simple and intuitive, Panoply’s Apache Cassandra integration makes it possible to connect and combine your data with any and all of your other data sources. As a cloud based system, Panoply’s end to end data management solution can help your analysts make critical business decisions right away, and generate the reports and conclusions that will give your company a competitive edge.

Prepare your Cassandra data without having to write or maintain scripts, all within Panoply’s easy to use platform.

How Panoply Works with Apache Cassandra

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