Data Processing and Queries

Once the data has been stored in table format, you can query the sample table. After running a query, you can save the query as a transformation or export the resulting table into your own system. offers two types of transformation views: simple views and materialised views. A transformation typically start as a simple view. When needed, based on performance, simple views can be transformed into materialised views, which are always accessible and up to date.

  1. Select Data Sources from the navigation pane, then select the table from the list of open tables.

  2. Run a query against the selected table.

3.To view the history of all previously run queries, select Queries from the navigation pane.

  1. Select Jobs from the navigation pane to track your job progress. You can filter the Jobs list according to status (All, Running, Pending, Error, Success) and job types (such as “collect”, “collect-direct”, “table-archiving”, “account-query-archiving” and “align-table”).