Data Warehouse FAQs

Data Warehouse FAQs

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Data Warehouse Questions


Q: Once I combine data sources on Panoply, can I write a table back to an on-prem server on a scheduled basis?

A: Panoply does not currently have this as a native function, but utilizing third party ETL tools this can be done easily. For more info, see Connecting ETL Tools for more information.

Q: How can I delete rows from a table in my warehouse?

A: To delete data from a table, run a query using the DELETE command.

Q: How do I drop or delete tables?

A: You can drop one or more tables by using the DROP TABLE command, which can be executed from the Analyze page or any connected SQL client.

To drop a single table, enter DROP TABLE “S”.”X”, where S is the schema and X is the table name.

To drop several tables, enter DROP TABLE “S”.”X”, “S”.”Y”, “S”.”Z”, where X, Y, and Z are a comma-separated list of table names and S is their schema.

Q: I’m using Stitch and it created multiple schemas. How can I access this data?

A: When using a data warehouse with multiple schemas, specify the name of the schema before the table name in your queries. For example, if you have a schema named “panoply” with a table named “io” you can query the table with the following query through the Analyze Workbench:


Q: If a record is deleted from the data source, what happens to that record in Panoply?

A: The record remains in Panoply even if it no longer exists in the source database. Panoply does not generally delete records since we are a data warehouse designed for analytics.

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