Schemas in BigQuery

Schemas in BigQuery

Panoply on BigQuery

The  panoply  schema is the default for Panoply on BigQuery. This schema is reserved for use by Panoply, however we also provide a  public schema, which serves as a sort of sandbox for users to create custom tables.

What creates tables in the  panoply schema?

When Panoply ingests data through a Panoply data source connector, the tables that are created are all in the panoply schema. 

What creates tables in schemas other than the panoply schema?

For data warehouses built on BigQuery, Panoply provides a  public schema which allows users with adequate permissions to create tables. The  public schema allows users to explore their data without breaking the integration through the panoply schema. 

By default, every user in every user group (admins/editors/viewers) has the usage privilege in this schema. Users who have the admin and editor permissions also have the create privilege. Users tab groups apply to the tables and views in this schema. Users can select/insert/delete based on their group.

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