Data Dictionary

Data Dictionary

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Note: Salesforce limits the number of API calls made in a rolling 24 hour period to 700,000. The number of API calls used by a user may vary. To prevent API call limits Panoply uses the fewest possible API calls necessary. Our approach reschedules calls for one hour later once we reach 90% of the API call limit.

Salesforce Objects

There are 0ver 800 objects available via the Salesforce API. For full descriptions of these objects, their fields, and any notes about permissions or handling, see the Object Reference for Salesforce and Lightning Platform page in the Salesforce documentation. For detailed entity relationship diagrams for Salesforce objects, see the Salesforce Data Model.

For a list of objects that require specific permissions or require special handling, see our helpful spreadsheet.

Panoply recommends that you set your schedule to collect your data at a minimum of 29 days to avoid discrepancies which might occur if the user triggers a succeding collect more than 30 days after the last successful collect. The 30-day maximum is a limitation imposed by Salesforce, see SObject Get Update

Deleted records

The data import can include deleted records, which are indicated by a value of 1 in the isdeleted column. All other records will have a value of 0 in the isdeleted column. Because the Data Dictionary API only returns records with an isdeleted value of 1 out to a 15-day window, Panoply reccomments that you schedule your data to run automatically at minimum of once per week to avoid data loss due to deletions. For more information, see SObject Get Deleted.


The following metadata columns are added to the destination table(s):

  • __latestdatecovered - Created by Salesforce. Learn more.
  • __object - This is used for the the default destination table.
  • __senttime - Formatted as a datetime, such as 2020-04-26T01:26:14.695Z.
  • __updatetime - Formatted as a datetime, such as 2020-04-26T01:26:14.695Z.
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