Node.js SDK

Node.js SDK

Panoply provides a Node.js SDK for streaming data in real time.

Learn more in the GitHub repo panoplyio/color-sdk-nodejs.


$ npm install git+


var color = require( "color-sdk-nodejs" );
var conn = new color.SDK( "APIKEY", "APISECRET" );

conn.write( "install", { user: "123", device: "iPad", user\\\_ip: "" } )


The SDK class extends Node’s EventEmitter class. Therefor, it may emit “error” events that you should catch and handle.

SDK( apikey, apisecret )

Opens the socket connection to the Color server.

.write( type, obj )

Immediately writes an arbitrary object to the Color database.

type is a string representing the event type or collection of the object

obj is a simple javascript object. Do not use non-primitive data types.

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