Release Notes

Release Notes

June 2020 (API v 2.0)

Revisions in the API for a data source often drive the changes that Panoply makes to allow our users to take advantage of new or changing fields. Changes to the Intercom API have caused Panoply to revise the Intercom data source, and the current version will be deprecated. Any existing connections to the current version of Intercom will continue to function and collect data for 90 days following the release of version 2. All new connections will use version two.

Intercom has merged the two columns “Users” and “Leads” into a single column called “Contacts”. Intercom has also altered their IDs, requiring us to make alterations in order to use {workspace_id}-{id} as the primary key. The default destination of this key is intercom_{workspace_name}_{__resource}.

Additionally, two new columns were added, workspace_id and workspace name, to help users differentiate between workspaces.

Note: every Intercom data source collects one Workspace today. Nevertheless, users should be mindful if they plan to query across tables created by different workspaces.

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