This document describes the Intercom data source. Continue reading to learn more about:

  • Collecting - what should you know about adding the data source.

  • ERD - data relationships (such as parent-child table relationships).

  • Data Dictionary - what data is available and how it is structured.

  • Queries - sample queries to help start with analysis.


To configure this data source and collect Intercom data:

  1. From the Data Sources menu, click Add Data Source.

  2. Search for Intercom, then select it to continue to the next step.

  3. On the General tab, click Login and follow Intercom’s authorization process to allow Panoply to access the Intercom data.

  4. Select the Metrics to collect.

  5. To set Advanced Options, click the Advanced tab (Optional).

    • We recommend not changing advanced options unless you are an experienced Panoply user.

    • Destination - Default is intercom_{resource}, where resource is the table name from the schema for this data source.


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Data Dictionary

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Sample Queries

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