Release Notes

Release Notes

April 2021

Panoply has refreshed the Google Drive data source.  As a part of this refresh, additional features have been added. These include:

  • Dropdown with all avaliable Folders
  • Collect All feature
  • Support for .gzip files
  • Incremental loading
  • Support for Google Sheets
  • Delimeter files in UI config
  • Support for delimited files with txt extension
  • Support for reading in batches of the some file types
  • Support of XML files parsing

Panoply no longer provides a default destination. Users must provide a destination when setting up the data source. When migrating to the new Google Drive data source, users will need to use their existing table names as the destination if they want the data to be collected into those existing tables.

Schema changes include the addition of several metadata fields, and one has been removed.


  • __folder: The name of the parent folder of the file
  • __xml_item: The name of a child element that represents the record of xml file
  • __xml_root: The root tag of xml files


  • __tablename metadata column

September 2020

In our ongoing efforts to bring our users improvements, Panoply has released the Google Drive Data Source. This allows users to import the following types of files from their Google Drive:

  • tar, parsing with tarfile
  • zip, parsing with zipfile
  • xlsx, parsing with openpyxl
  • json, parsing with simplejson
  • csv, parsing with csv
  • tsv, parsing with csv

Once you have authenticated your Google account, Panoply will show you any supported files in your Google Drive.

For more information, see: Google Drive Documentation.

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