Setup Guide

Setup Guide

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Google BigQuery

Panoply’s BigQuery data source can import all the projects, datasets, and tables in a BigQuery database.

To integrate Google BigQuery data into Panoply using default selections, complete the following steps. For more advanced options, complete the following and refer to the subsequent sections for detailed information.

  1. Click Data Sources in the navigation menu.
  2. Click the Add Data Source button.
  3. Search for and select BigQuery.
  4. Click Sign in with Google and follow the authentication process.
  5. Click Allow to confrim access to the tables and continue.
  6. Select the tables to import from your projects.
  7. Click Save Changes and then click Collect.
    • The data source appears grayed out while the collection runs.
    • You may add additional data sources while this collection runs.
    • You can monitor this collection from the Jobs page or the Data Sources page.
    • After a successful collection, navigate to the Tables page to review the data results.

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