Data Dictionary

Data Dictionary

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The amount of data that the Google Analytics returns is massive, we can not provide a full data dictionary. For details on the data, see the Google Analytics API documents.

Google occasionally adds new dimensions. Your earliest data may predate some dimensions. For example, Google introduced the ga:dateHourMinute dimension in 2017. If your data goes back to 2012 and you select the “As much as possible” date range option, Panoply can only collect data for the ga:dateHourMinute dimension since the day Google added that dimension in 2017.



Panoply also adds the following fields into your tables.

  • __senttime: Formatted as a datetime, such as 2020-04-26T01:26:14.695Z.
  • __updatetime: Formatted as a datetime, such as 2020-04-26T01:26:14.695Z.
  • __account: connected account name
  • __property: selected GA property
  • __view: Selected GA view
  • __sampled: Will display true if the results are sampled and false if not
  • __sampled_rate: Will display the sample rate based on samplesReadCounts/samplingSpaceSizes
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