Data Dictionary

Data Dictionary

Because MSSQL data comes from a database system, Panoply cannot provide a data dictionary. But Panoply does automate the data schema for the collected data.

A column in a table uses the same data type for all values in that column. Panoply automatically chooses the data type for each column based on the available values. This is important to note for this data source. If even one value in a column has text, then the entire column is considered data type text

  • The following metadata columns are added to the destination table(s):

    • id: If the user does not enter a primary key, and no id column exists in the source table, Panoply will insert an id. Formatted as a GUID, such as 2cd570d1-a11d-4593-9d29-9e2488f0ccc2.
    • __tablename: The name of the table collected.
    • __schemaname: The name of the schema
    • __senttime: Formatted as a datetime, such as 2020-04-26T01:26:14.695Z.
    • __updatetime: Formatted as a datetime, such as 2020-04-26T01:26:14.695Z.

Data Type Mapping

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