Access Control

Access Control

The greatest risk to your data, by far, is social engineering and mistakes made by your colleagues, like sending passwords via email or former employees being able to use their old passwords to access your data. Here are some of the ways Panoply can help you mitigate these risks.

Password Expiration

You can require your colleagues to change their passwords as frequently as you’d like.

User Account Expiration

You can automatically expire users after a predefined amount of time, unless you manually renew their accounts, in order to prevent former employees from retaining access to your data.

Anomaly Detection

We use anomaly detection to identify strange connections to your data. Examples include someone running a query from a new computer or a different country than usual. You can choose to completely block these queries unless you’ve manually approved them.

Query Transparency

You have full access to all queries performed by each user, as well as statistics per table, allowing you to audit your company’s data access patterns, and identify any suspicious activity.

We invite you to learn more from our security white paper.

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