Connecting Chartio

Connecting Chartio

Chartio has a native Panoply connection, which makes it easy to connect Chartio with your data in Panoply.

To connect Chartio to Panoply:

  1. In Chartio, under Data Sources, click Panoply.
    The host name and database port are automatically populated.
  2. Enter your database username, password, and database name. You can find your username and database name in Panoply under the Connect menu item.
  3. Enter your schema name. Depending on how data is imported in Panoply from your data sources, the appropriate schema could be public or a specific schema name. You can identify the available schemas by clicking Analyze in the navigation menu, which opens the Panoply workbench. Your tables and views are listed in the right-hand column and are organized by schema.
  4. Enter a data source alias, which is a nickname for this connection within Chartio.
  5. Click Connect.
  6. (Optional) To customize which tables are selected, expand the list of tables and clear the Include checkbox for any tables you want to leave out.
  7. Click Apply.
    You have successfully connected Chartio to your Panoply data warehouse.

Here is a video walkthrough showing the above steps:

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