Beta Features

Beta Features

Panoply is always working to improve the product that we offer. A necessary part of that is introducing new features, and that means beta testing those features. 

While Panoply does testing, we turn to our users to help us flush out any remaining bugs, identify areas that can be fortified and any other issues that may arise in a beta process.

It is important to remember that while these features have been implemented and are functional, that functionality may not support all use-cases and there may be errors or bugs that could produce unexpected or undesired results.

It is also important to point out that Panoply may change the behavior of features while they are in beta.  While we make an effort to notify users before making these kinds of changes, we do not guarantee that we will always announce these changes prior to their incorporation into the product.

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Beta Availability

Availability is determined on a per-feature basis:

  • Open - Some beta features are Open, meaning they are enabled by default for all accounts and therefore, openly available for use.
  • On Request - Some beta features are provided On Request, particularly in the early stages of the beta period. To request access to these features for your account, you must contact Panoply.

Features Currently in Beta

The following beta features are currently available, listed roughly in the order in which they were introduced:

Feature Availability Introduced Notes
Facebook Pages Open July 2020  
Facebook Posts Open July 2020  
Instagram Business Open July 2020  
MySQL Open August 2020  
Google Sheets Open August 2020