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Product Marketing Manager

This is an opportunity to evolve Panoply’s market presence while inspiring organizations to realize the potential of their data.

You will own Panoply’s market positioning, product value propositions and differentiation. You will create clarity in a dynamic and multifaceted market and clear a path for choosing Panoply.

You will inspire organizations to get the most out of their data. You will translate technical concepts into tangible solutions for data analysts, engineers, and executives. You will guide analysts toward independent data management while helping CEOs think strategically about data.

You will strengthen the Panoply ecosystem. You will be a conduit between product, R&D, sales, partners, customers, and the broader community. You will invite a broad audience into the conversation and convey a clear, compelling, and consistent message across a spectrum of business and technical languages.

You will help Panoply Grow. You will consistently increase product adoption and improve sales win rates with a hands-on, collaborative approach. You provide market intelligence to product and enable sales with training, content, and tools.

About you

You are customer-centric to the core. You are not afraid to explore your customer’s ecosystem and engage with them through conversations online and in-person. 

You are an evangelist and a leader who loves to explore the edges of possibility and bring them into the mainstream.

You are a creator. You are not afraid of developing an audacious vision and you have the perseverance to make it happen.

You have an innate curiosity. You welcome opportunities to experiment and learn.



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